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Support Services Provided


How Evermore is working to provide support to women and their children escaping intimate partner violence and family violence within rural and remote communities

What We


Preparing Safety Plans

Your advocate will sit down and work through the creation of a safety plan when escaping abuse. This safety plan will include risk factors, different scenario action plans and goals for moving forward. In addition to the development of your individualized safety plan, your advocate will ensure you are provided with information or contact to any applicable services to be successful.



Assist with gathering and organizing evidence to be presented at Court. This allows women to save time and money when providing the organized evidence to their lawyer to put in proper court form. If a women is self-represented, this process allows her to have all her evidence easily accessible to prepare her court documents herself and present it to the effectively.


Family Violence Authorization Program

Your advocate can assist with access to a family violence authorization program through Legal Aid Ontario. This program provides two hours of free legal advice for domestic violence survivors in Ontario who need immediate advice and assistance in relation to family law  matters. There is no financial eligibility requirement. People who are experiencing domestic violence are eligible for up to five two‑hour authorizations in a year (one per legal issue). Only lawyers with experience in domestic abuse issues can provide this service

*Ask your advocate directly for more information about this program


Obtaining Court Procedure Information

Ontario family law Court information is voluminous and often changing. Different Court locations and jurisdictions often have their own set practices and procedures, which can become confusing and overwhelming. Your support advocate will ensure they have the most up-to-date information about how the family court in their region is operating. This prevents unnecessary delays and provides information to allow women the tools to proper legal representation or successfully represent herself.

*Evermore does not provide legal advice or services. The resources and information provided is not to be used as legal advice.


Support for Appointments And Court Proceedings

Your advocate will accompany you to meetings with lawyers, CAS, OPP and other services as well as to Court. This allows client's to have a support person by their side and someone to reflect with afterwards that is a trusting confidante.

*Can also be referred to as a McKenzie Friend


Providing Information and Resources

All our client's will receive a binder that includes information and resources for their individual needs. This also includes helpful checklists, appointment logs, copies of their safety plan and folders to keep everything organized and in one place.

No one should face the family court system alone

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