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Our Services


We will ensure our client’s voices are heard every step of the way from lawyers to court services, children’s aid society, police services and everything in between.

We also work collaboratively with the local and provincial community to provide systemic advocacy and awareness.



In rural communities and even urban/suburban, victims are not always aware of services that are available to them for lack of promotion and awareness as well as difficulty in finding services. Small communities do not offer the range and diversity of services that are available in urban centers. It is detrimental these services are streamlined to be offered regardless of location. Evermore works in collaboration with current services offered in Huron County to provide awareness and broadcast. In addition to educating the public on the current services, we are working hard to obtain resources to further develop services not currently offered.


Working with the products and services delivered from Luke’s Place, OWJN, FLEW Ontario, and VAWLN to ensure we provide substantial support to our clients.


Evermore in collaboration with municipal community and the community safety and well-being plan committee is consistently working together to further educate and prevent family violence and IPV within Huron County.

*See our blog for current information/events relating to prevention

“A single mother doesnt make up a story of abuse (of herself and/or her children), pay tens of thousands of dollars (or well into the $100K’s), get PTSD, risk losing her career, her health, her friends, her life savings, and the support of her family, risk isolation, and endure the abuse of a system that victim blames her for everything to avoid getting a break that she desperately needs if the father is a safe, healthy caretaker.”

— Custody Peace

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